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Ulrich MAX

The MRI Max3 Syringeless contrast injector is the gold standard in contrast injector technology. The new generation of MRI power injectors uses the Easy-Click-Cassette which provides unparalleled advances in hygiene, safety and efficiency. The Max3 only needs to be prepared once a day with the Easy-Click-Cassette.

Due to the two-part tubing system, only the patient tubing needs to be changed for each patient – the Easy-Click-Cassette can remain in place in the injector for 24 hours for as many injections as desired. With the MRI Max3, a patient changeover takes only a few seconds.

Contrast bottles (up to 200ml) and saline bags are spiked directly onto the system. This helps reduce wastage and increases contrast efficiency. Seamless switching (CM-Loop) between 2 contrast bottles ensures all contrast in the bottles is fully used.

The Max3 is battery operated and connects via WiFi to the control room terminal which removes the need for untidy cables in the MRI suite.

The Ulrich MAX3 injector takes Multi-use / Multi-patient contrast media technology to a whole new level of safety

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Why surgeons prefer Ulrich MAX

  • Quick & simple with once a day set up only, allowing 15 second patient changeover.
  • Intuitive operator control concept and wireless operation
  • Optimal contrast medium management through CM-Loop* and CM-Select*
  • Low overall operating costs with low cost for disposables
  • 24 hours of use of the easy-click cassette
  • Cost-efficient solution for low numbers of patients
  • High degree of hygiene safety for patient and user
  • Pump tubing can be used for 24 hourst
  • Direct injection from all standard media containers
  • Protection from air injections through patient-side air detector

Application video

Insert the Easy-Click-Cassette, connect the patient tubing and mount the bottles. Set up once a day, Max™ is ready for use for 24 hour

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