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Ulrich CT Spicy

The “Spicy” version of the CT Motion (CT motion™ SPICY ) is equipped with new software and hardware functions. These new functions include a variety of software features as well as supplementary hardware product components.

The CT motion™ SPICY now brings an even faster and more efficient workflow to the CT Department.

The increased pressure and flow performance enables examinations with high flow rates and high contrast media viscosities. With the “CDadapt” function, the contrast media density can be adjusted automatically and as required on a percentage basis. This enables a simpler workflow (e.g., for cardiac examinations). The contrast remainder in the bottles is easily identified via a “traffic light” system and can also be read accurately. For high patient throughput, the CT motion Spicy can now be set up with large containers totalling up to two litres of contrast media* and up to two litres of saline solution.

The ulrich CT Motion Spicy injector takes Multi-use / Multi-patient contrast media technology to a whole new level of safety.

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Why surgeons prefer Ulrich CT Spicy

  • Simple, set up once per day
  • 24 h use of the pump tubing
  • Direct injection from the original media containers
  • Reliable protection against retrograde contamination
  • Low costs for disposables due to 24 h approval of the pump tubing
  • Optimal contrast media management using large containers
  • High patient throughput thanks to efficient workflows
  • Injector and patient-side air detectors protect against air injection
  • Enhanced pressure and flow performance for examinations with high flow rates and high contrast media viscosities.
  • Easy-to-understand traffic light indication and clear display of available media volumes plus accurate ml indication
  • 1L GE contrast media Pluspak compatibility plus heat maintaining
  • Automatic media label recognition via barcode reader, therefore, less manual data entry necessary
  • Automatic contrast density reduction (e.g. for cardiac examinations) and simultaneously reduced costs for contrast media due to lower contrast media consumption
  • No changeover of the 24 h pump tubing required due to the automatic rinsing program
  • Double contrast media supply due to automatic switchover with identical contrast media providing seamless patient change over

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