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Whether in magnetic resonance tomography (MRI), computed tomography (CT), X-ray diagnostics or radiotherapy: in radiology, it’s all about the details. Highly specialised equipment in a professional environment helps to make exact diagnoses and implement precise therapies. Everything else must be just as professional. With the “get up®” support system from FEBROMED, we help in daily use. Patients can position themselves perfectly on the examination table with our support system. The medical staff is relieved and can concentrate on the essential: the examination.

FEBROMED’s “get up®” works like a standard bed stand – sometimes also called a bed gallows. With one decisive difference. It is firmly mounted on the ceiling and can be swivelled in a large radius. Therefore it can be used flexibly. Whether wheelchair, couch or bed: “get up®” provides safety for patients and staff.

In radiology, a good proportion of patients have limited mobility. What is a loss of self-determination for the patients is often a great burden for the medical staff. They have to move patients with all their might – and run the risk of becoming a medical emergency themselves. Quite apart from the physical discomfort, this also results in costs for the employer and the social system. FEBROMED’s “get up” helps to reduce this strain to a minimum in daily work.

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Why surgeons prefer Febromed

  • Installation can take place in existing or new rooms with Ceiling, Floor or Wall Mounting
  • Suitable for all Imaging room including MRI
  • Reduces Staff Manual Handling injuries
  • get up® supports patients, staff and the cost-efficiency of your clinic or department
  • Independent weight-bearing and positioning with minimised risk of falling
  • Reduced physical strain, even when working with heavier patient due to back-friendly patient transfers
  • It provides reduced contact with infected patients so there is less downtime due to health issues/preventable problems creating healthier and more motivated staff
  • Faster and more efficient examinations allowing more time for patient consultation

Product History

Product history

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