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St Georges University Hospital have recently replaced two syringe injectors with the new CT Motion reservoir contrast media injector. The two CT Motion injectors have been placed in the Lanesborough wing of St Georges University Hospital. Michael Carpenter CT Superintendent commented that “the new Ulrich CT Motions have revolutionised our work flow within our very busy department. We have now moved to weight-based contrast protocols as we can now tailor each injection sequence to each patient, hence we do not waste any contrast by discarding it in syringes. In addition, as saline is readily available on the Ulrich CT Motion we have reduced our extravasations by being able to test the patient’s cannula at the same flow rate at which we choose to inject our contrast media. 

Another reason we chose the Ulrich CT Motion was for its Tandem contrast capabilities, meaning we can use two different types of contrast media at one time, without having to change the 24 hour day set. This seem-less change in technology has been aided by the excellent applications support provided by Synapse Medical U.K. The team has been very helpful and have provided excellent training to all staff within the CT department”.

Picture above from Right to Left are Senior Radiographers: Jane Harrison, Michael Mc Culloch, Robert Perez, Helen Colman, James Craughley, Zoe Wood, Dhru Mehta.

A seamless and especially time-saving examination is the basis of an optimal workflow in hospitals and medical practices. The application of contrast media has never been so easy:

The CT motion only needs to be prepared once a day and is then ready for use for 24 hours. Due to the two-part tubing system, only the patient tubing needs to be changed for each patient – the pump tubing can remain in place in the injector for 24 hours for as many injections as desired. Thus with the CT motion, a patient changeover takes only a few seconds.

For further information on the Ulrich CT Injector, contact Bernard O'Brien:

+44 (0)845 862 0688



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